I love writing. 

I am fascinated that words can paint a picture purely through connotation and often without the reader even realising it. I enjoy choosing words very carefully to convey the perfect tone. And, I have to admit it, I could wax lyrical for hours about grammar (but I try not to...).


I always strive to capture the essence of a brand, whilst communicating the particular message in a clear and concise way. 

Click the images for some recent examples of my writing:

  • Online copy for Parisian notebook brand, Soumkine
    I wrote all the copy for this website, including individual product descriptions.

  • The Church of Scotland Guild 'Big Book of Ideas'
    This excerpt is from a series of four books I wrote and designed which is a guide for those setting up their own Guild.

  • Article about climate change for the Church of Scotland website
    This article was written in response to the 2015 climate change talks in Paris.

  • Speaker training resources for Care for the Family
    This suite of resources was written for Care for the Family Scotland to train their network of volunteer speakers and consisted of videos, booklets and supporting documents.

  • Article for Scottish Christian Broadcast
    To introduce readers to the Church of Scotland Guild, this article was intended to be light-hearted but impactful.

  • Press release for Illustrators exhibition
    Whilst working at Rheged Gallery in Penrith, I wrote press releases for exhibitions.